Monday, 30 September 2013


Clifton Hill is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 4 km north-east of Melbourne's Central Business District. Its local government area is the City of Yarra. At the 2011 Census, Clifton Hill had a population of 5,790. Described in the 1880s as the "Toorak of Collingwood", Clifton Hill fell out of favour, along with much of inner Melbourne by the mid 20th century. Later becoming a centre of Melbourne's bohemianism, the suburb has undergone rapid gentrification in recent years, and is now considered one of Melbourne's most liveable suburbs.

The mural shown here adorns an erstwhile shop, now converted into a dwelling. The murals wind their way all around the corner and cover all of the area of available wall. The murals were created by Mike Maka (

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  1. You say it's a dwelling. Someone lives there? (blink, blink)
    I guess it's a good day to talk about house colors, huh?

    Happy Blue Monday, Nick!

  2. I wouldn't want to destroy the art, but I don't think I could live in it.
    What did it sell when it was a business? Makes me think of tatoos.
    Lea's Menagerie

  3. Wow! Great shots ~ You have found great murals where you live ~ HBM

  4. Beautiful murals, I love the monkey!

  5. Great murals, such fun. Not sure I's want them on my house though!

  6. hmmm...
    The character on the right in the first few images has more than a passing resemblance to «Louis'» former father-in-law...

  7. Nick, this is a great display of art work but I would not like to live in that house. However, viva la difference. Smile.

  8. Looks like a quirky St. George and a very cranky dragon. Apparently the house owners are willing to preserve the mural. Good for them. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.

  9. Some very chirpy little beasties in this mural Nick.

  10. Nice place to visit, wouldn't like to live there :-)


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