Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Darebin Creek is a creek that runs through the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It is the main watercourse of the Darebin Valley and a major tributary of the Yarra River. For tens of thousands of years it was used as a food and tool source sustainably by the Wurundjeri people, Indigenous Australians of the Kulin nation alliance, who spoke variations of the Woiwurrung language group.

The creek rises on the northern urban fringe of Melbourne north of the suburb of Epping, following a general southerly route and meeting the Yarra at Alphington. The creek forms much of the municipal boundary between the City of Darebin and City of Banyule. Formerly an intermittent stream, increased stormwater runoff with urbanisation of the Darebin Creek catchment has resulted in permanent water flow.

The creek runs through Darebin Parklands, a large nature reserve one or two kilometres northwest of the junction at which the creek meets the Yarra. The Darebin Creek Trail runs along the banks in the lower reaches of the creek. This is the creek at the Darebin Parklands in Alphington.

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014


We are beginning to experience the first few hot days in Melbourne, as Spring progresses into Summer. Tomorrow, we have a maximum of 31˚C forecast.

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Monday, 20 October 2014


Melbourne's tallest skyscraper, the Eureka Tower, is a 297.3-metre skyscraper located in the Southbank precinct of Melbourne, Australia. Construction began in August 2002 and the exterior completed on 1 June 2006. The plaza was finished in June 2006 and the building was officially opened on 11 October 2006.

The project was designed by Melbourne architectural firm Fender Katsalidis Architects and was built by Grocon (Grollo Australia). The developer of the tower was Eureka Tower Pty Ltd, a joint venture consisting of Daniel Grollo (Grocon), investor Tab Fried and one of the Tower's architects Nonda Katsalidis. It was the world's tallest residential tower when measured to its highest floor, until surpassed by Ocean Heights and the HHHR Tower in Dubai.

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Saturday, 18 October 2014


Polly Woodside is a Belfast-built, three-masted, iron-hulled barque, preserved in Melbourne, Australia, and forming the central feature of the South Wharf precinct. The ship was originally built in Belfast by William J. Woodside and was launched in 1885. Polly Woodside is typical of thousands of smaller iron barques built in the last days of sail, intended for deep water trade around the world and designed to be operated as economically as possible.

Polly Woodside was closed to the public on 30 April 2006 to allow for the major redevelopment of the lower Yarra River's southern bank. The $1.4 billion redevelopment, announced by the Victorian Government in February 2006, included construction works for the new Melbourne Convention Centre immediately next to the Polly Woodside. The ship was temporarily relocated approximately 50 metres away to a mooring on the adjacent Yarra River on 26 August 2008 – its first move in 33 years – for a $13 million operational refurbishment and restoration of its dry dock home, board walk, and adjacent former wharf sheds.

Between this time and May 2009 the water within the Duke and Orr's Dry Dock was pumped out and a gated dam wall built at the entrance. The bottom of the dry dock was excavated and permanent keel supports built into the concrete base for Polly Woodside to sit upon, allowing the ship to be periodically dry docked for repairs. On 19 May 2009 the dam wall gates were opened allowing water to flow into the dry dock and Polly Woodside was returned to the Duke and Orr's Dry Dock. Polly Woodside was reopened to the public on 23 December 2010.

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Friday, 17 October 2014


View towards the West from Southbank. The blue waters of Port Phillip Bay can be seen in the distance and the banks of clouds promise some Spring showers. The first image is a HDR, while the second one is the same as the first, but it has been post-processed with Photoshop.

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Thursday, 16 October 2014


Callistemon salignus, commonly known as Willow Bottlebrush or the White Bottlebrush, is an endemic Australian shrub or tree in the family Myrtaceae. The species occurs in New South Wales and Queensland. The species usually grows to between 4 and 10 metres in height and has narrow foliage, white papery bark, and new growth which is purplish-pink. The bottlebrush flower-spikes appear during spring. They are generally creamy white to yellow, though pink and red forms are also seen in cultivation.

The species was first formally described by botanist James Edward Smith in 1797 in Transactions of the Linnean Society of London, and named Metrosideros saligna. In 1826, botanist Robert Sweet indicated that the species should be transferred to the genus Callistemon in Sweet's Hortus Britannicus. In his 2006 paper "New Combinations in Melaleuca for Australian Species of Callistemon (Myrtaceae)", Lyndley Craven, a research botanist from the Australian National Herbarium, proposed that this species should be renamed as Melaleuca salicina.

Callistemon salignus can be used for providing shelter and screening and is well-suited as a street tree, or for planting in parks and gardens. Additionally, flowers will attract birds to a garden. The species is suited to a wide range of soil types, and can tolerate both wet and dry conditions, and near-coastal exposure.

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Rivers Nursery is located at 28 Kurrak Rd, Yarrambat, Victoria. Yarrambat is on the north eastern outskirts of metropolitan Melbourne, near Greensborough, Eltham and South Morang. We always enjoy our visit there because as well as a wide variety of plants, gift shop, friendly and knowledgeable staff, a good restaurant for refreshments, there is always the opportunity to admire the pond and feed the ducks!

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Batman Market is a new weekend market located at 14 -22 Gaffney Street, Coburg. It is centrally located, 15 minute drive from Melbourne Airport and 8km from Melbourne CBD. Getting to Batman Market by public transport is easy, as it is located right next to Batman Railway Station (Upfield Line – 20 minutes from CBD) and the Sydney Road/Gaffney Street intersection where one can catch the #19 tram or several bus routes The market provides its surrounding communities access to a variety of Melbourne’s food, fresh produce and unique local products.

We visited this market last Sunday, on its opening weekend, when the weather was perfect: Temperatures around 30˚C, sunny and fine. The market was well-attended and a large variety of stalls were set up, predominantly selling street food of various kinds. Indian, Argentinian, Colombian, Chinese, Sri Lankan, Turkish, etc, etc. There were some art and craft stalls, fresh flowers and vegetables, clothing, some trash and treasure stalls and buskers. The politicians were not absent either, with Liberals handing out blue balloons and Labor handing out red ones - no surprise, a state election is nigh...

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