Monday, 16 November 2015


A couple of weeks ago we were in Brunswick and by chance we wandered into the Town Hall, where a Machine Knitters exhibition and fair was in session. I know nothing about knitting and have never had the inclination to learn about it, but I thought that getting a machine to do what seems to me to be a rather boring occupation, is pretty neat (and yes, OK, knitters out there, forgive me! I realise that there are many people who actually enjoy it).

Nevertheless it was interesting to walk through, talk to some passionate people, and of course, to take some photos. And knitters, keep on knitting, whether by machine or by hand!

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  1. Hello Nick,

    I used to knit, and it was boring--to me. (I also was NOT very good at it.)

    Thanks for playing today and sharing that knitted flag.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  2. I admire people who can knit. It is an art!

  3. What luck to walk in on the knitting! Knitting is not too easy!

  4. gem alike, love the waved crafts.

  5. I don't knit either, but I've seen knitting machines in action and they are awesome! Looks like those ladies were having a great time!

  6. I can crochet, but knitting is WAY past my skill set.
    I hope you'll come link up at

  7. Oh my goodness. I am a quilter, spinner, and knitter so all of that thread about sent me flying above my desk. What gorgeous colors.

  8. How neat. I've never seen a knitters festival. Thanks for sharing.
    I'd love you to come over and vote for Sally and Blue Monday at my blog. Each this week I'm featuring the hostess of my favorite blog party's. The party with the most comments will recieve a prize!
    Come over vote for Sally. Go Team Sally!

  9. Knitting is to me like sewing or crocheting - making a design that no one else has (because straying from the pattern is my habit) - and the satisfaction of having something hand made that fits me and my style, instead of the overpriced boring cookie-cutter styles. When doing it during looking TV or waiting, there's no time lost:)


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