Monday, 25 September 2017


Southern Cross Station is the most important rail terminal in Victoria and has been redeveloped into a world-class public transport interchange, with fast rail connections to regional Victorian centres and new facilities for rail, taxi and bus passengers. Now more than just a railway station, Southern Cross Station is a combination railway, shopping centre and bus terminal. The shopping centre includes supermarkets, DFO - Direct Factory Outlet and over 100 other shops, bars and restaurants.

On Spencer Street between Collins and La Trobe Streets at the western boundary of the central business district, it is the hub of the state's regional railway network, serving as a terminus for long-distance V/Line trains. It also serves the twice-daily Countrylink XPT service to Sydney, and The Overland to Adelaide three times per week. It has a bus station with 24-hour Skybus service to Melbourne airport.

Southern Cross is one of five stations forming the City Loop, a mostly underground railway that encircles the CBD. Southern Cross and Flinders Street are the only stations in the Loop that are above ground.

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  1. What a wonderful place, a shopping destination within the station, really cool. I love the thought of taking the Overland Express to Adelaide, what an adventure that would be.

  2. So spacious! And the roof is impressive - I love it! Makes traveling fun and exciting. Many thanks for sharing these views of the railway station for All Seasons! Nice traveling this week:)

  3. Love the collage! My, they like curving lines, don't they?

  4. It looks like a wonderfully clean and inviting place to wait for a train!

  5. What a fabulous wavy building



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