Thursday, 8 November 2012


Southbank residents, workers and visitors can now access a vibrant new community and cultural hub known as "Boyd".  Boyd is the City of Melbourne’s first integrated community service space, transformed from the heritage-listed site of the former JH Boyd Girls' High School at 207-227 City Road, Southbank. The multi-use facilty features the Southbank Library, Kere Kere cafe, family services, community meeting rooms and Creative Spaces artist studios. There's also a council self-service kiosk where people can renew their pet registration, pay rates and infringement notices, accounts and invoices. The Boyd centre also has free wi-fi access, a history walk and space to relax.

The building has a wealth of details highlighting the history of the place and it occupants, as well as interesting signs that explain some of the transformations that have taken place in the site over the decades.

This post is part of the Signs, Signs meme.



  1. Those old school photos remind me of my school days.

  2. Wow! One-stop shopping. I love the old building, and I think the logo is so cool with the folded down corner. Very eye-catching.

  3. an old building with a new roof!
    I agree with Pat - that is a neat logo.

  4. Even from so far away, I feel a little excitement over this excellent repurposing of the old school.
    Those signs with the memories are lovely, too.
    Thank you for linking to signs, signs.


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