Monday, 22 April 2013


In the foyer of the City of Melbourne Council House One at 200 Little Collins Street, in the City, there is a tapestry by Dean Bowen on view, called "Suburbanology" (1995). It is 2.5 x 5m in dimensions and is rather difficult to photograph as the foyer is rather cramped. It was woven by the Victorian Tapestry Workshop and the weavers are, Merrill Dumbrell, Lisa Stebbing, Rebecca Moulton and Liz Nettleton.

Artist Dean Bowen was commissioned by the City of Melbourne to design this tapestry for the Melbourne Town Hall, celebrating the Workshop as a jewel in Melbourne’s cultural crown. Bowen is known for his evocation of the city-based life of today's Australia. Observations of the everyday experience, childhood memories, books and literature portrayed with gentle humour and irony, are the basis for these urban 'wildlifes’ shown in flattened perspective or cross-section slices. "Suburbanology" is characteristic of Bowen’s witty and playful investigation of urban life, its landscape and symbols.

This post is part of the Monday Murals meme.


  1. Fun ... reminds me of people going to work ... something I no longer have to worry about ;-)

  2. Wonderful! I like the close ups.

  3. Everyone drives in his suburbia! Nice find, Nick.


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