Tuesday, 1 July 2014


In the City, at the corner of Elizabeth and Collins Sts: Alston’s Corner is a red brick, low-rise building located on the corner of Elizabeth Street and Collins St in CBD of Melbourne, Australia. It is currently used as residential apartments, now named Cashmore Apartments, but was originally built as offices with a tobacconist shop at ground level. Tobacconist Henry Alston originally commissioned architect Nahum Barnet to design the building.

The building was constructed in 1903–1904 by master builders Clements Langford Pty Ltd with additions completed in 1913. The scale of the building made it a statement in Melbourne architecture of the time, evoking and elements where typical commercial buildings of Melbourne were previously of neoclassical style. The architect, Nahum Barnet was a respected architect of the time and a lot of his work can be found throughout Melbourne, having completed a range of commercial, residential and religious works.

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  1. Our Melbourne skyline has changed massively in the 14 years since I first arrived, it is nice to see that not all apartment blocks are high rise. You did well to get a lunchtime walk when it wasn't raining!

  2. What a beautiful old building!

  3. I am glad buildings like this have survived Nick. Our city would not be the same without them. Thanks for the low down on this one.

  4. Great city scene, love all the people! Thanks for sharing, enjoy the rest of your week!


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