Thursday, 20 November 2014


Our local nursery proclaims that it's high time in Melbourne to plant our tomatoes so we can harvest the first ones before Christmas. There is a bewildering variety of cultivars available and they all look wonderful on the colourful labels of the seedling trays, while the descriptions wax lyrical about the taste and texture of the fruit...

We always put in a few tomato plants every year, a couple in the garden amongst the rose bushes and a couple in pots. I must admit, that although a bumper crop is not assured us each year, even the few tomatoes harvested (whatever the variety) are infinitely better than the plastic ones sold in the greengrocer.

So, off to plant the tomatoes, with lots of organic fertiliser and a good supporting frame, hoping for a good crop for the Christmas salads!

This post is part of the Floral Friday Fotos meme,
and also part of the Signs, Signs meme.


  1. This coming Christmas? In a month's time? Never!.

  2. Those are some healthy looking tomato flowers. We didn't get much of a tomato crop this year. Looking forward to when our drought is over.

  3. I am not a terrible gardener. Most fruit, vegetables and herbs grow well enough in my back yard. Except tomatoes :( The tomatoes never ever seem to be big, beautiful and deliciously tomato-smelling.

  4. Very interesting how we are in different seasons! Pretty signs and also the tomato flowers!

  5. I've planted some both in pots and a few in the ground this here's hoping and fingers crossed!


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