Monday, 12 June 2017


Yarra Bend Park has been one of Melbourne’s largest expanses of inner suburban parkland for nearly 150 years. Yarra Bend Park and neighbouring Studley Park were reserved in 1877. Both park areas and several reserves were combined in 1929 to create one large park.

The combined area became known as Yarra Bend National Park despite never being raised to formal national park status. During the 1930’s additions included picnic and sporting grounds, toilet facilities and a public golf course. The Park provides a great open space for walking, bike riding, riverside cafes, golf, boating, BBQs, picnicking and a host of other leisure activities.

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  1. How wonderful! I think it is important to have places like Yarra Bend Park within the city. A good reminder about nature and a good place find "calm"! Happy Monday!

  2. Nice place to walk and explore. The mosaic is very nice.

  3. So fun to follow little paths like these - that could be where I live:) always wondered what tree that is (your next-to-last capture) where the trunk seems to "peel" it's outer bark? Many thanks for sharing this forest-y area with All Seasons and have a great week trepsing through the forest:)

  4. Yarra Bend looks like a lovely place to escape from the city, without having to leave! It appears green and cooling under the tree canopy.

  5. It's quite incredible that such a resource should be available within a city, it looks so wild and beautiful, the citizens of Melbourne are very lucky people!

  6. Know it well and is lovely to see! I can't wait to be back there in a few weeks with my crazy poodle - thanks for these photos, awesome!
    Wren x

  7. What a great place to have in the city!

  8. Such beautiful aspects with the amazing trees, as always! A lovely park to have a walk!


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