Wednesday, 15 August 2012


The Merri Creek is a waterway in southern parts of Victoria, Australia which flows through the northern suburbs of Melbourne. It begins in Wallan north of Melbourne and flows south for 70km until it joins the Yarra River at Dights Falls. The area where the creek meets the river was traditionally the location for large gatherings of the Wurundjeri people and is suspected to have been the location for one of the earliest land treaties in Australia between Indigenous Australians and European settlers.

The creek was the site of heavy industrial use throughout much of the 20th century, being home to quarries, landfills and accepting waste runoff from neighbouring factories. This has degraded the riparian ecology of the creek leaving behind pollutants such as heavy metals and various greases. Recent decades have seen some regenerative planting and the foundation of several community groups dedicated to protecting and regenerating the creek's ecology.

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  1. Congrats!!!! you live in the best city to live in.

  2. It looks like it is being returned to a more natural area - it is always nice when people realize the error of their ways and try to protect our waterways. Lovely series of shots - I like the willows hanging over the water.

  3. there are so many textures at play
    rough and smooth, rocky and grassy
    and all the different greens are beautiful

  4. I do agree with Dianne, I too, love the different textures and the rich shades of green! Such a lovely place and beautiful captures, Nick! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!

  5. Here's hoping that the area can recover!

  6. I love creeks! What a shame to have been polluted, hopefully it will be returned to a good state by loving and caring hands! Love the interesting tree in the last photo.

  7. Definitely a lovely place. I see two people doing there exercise awesome! Thanks for joining Water World Wednesday I do appreciate it.


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