Friday, 20 May 2016


The Australian Football League (AFL) has numerous grounds upon which senior VFL/AFL games have been played. This list comprises current grounds in use, former grounds in use (both major and minor), regional pre-season grounds and international grounds. In accordance with the Laws of Australian football, a ground must be grassed, have a minimum length of 135 metres (443 ft) and a minimum width of 110 metres (360 ft).

Most Australian rules football grounds are also used for cricket, which is also played on a grassed, oval-shaped ground, and it is commonplace for a ground to be used for football in winter and cricket in summer. Due to the popularity of Australian rules football, particularly in southern Australia, most of Australia's largest stadiums by capacity are used for Australian rules football; and it is therefore common to use those stadiums for other high-drawing events, particularly sporting events. Sports such as Rugby and soccer can be readily played on an Australian rules football arena, as their rectangular fields are typically small enough to be set on the larger oval.

We are fortunate in Melbourne to have many other football grounds that are used for junior and regional games. Each suburb may have several of these, which are maintained by the regional councils and each ground is host to one or more junior and/or amateur teams. Here is the Seddon Reserve in Ivanhoe, an inner suburb of Melbourne. The West Ivanhoe Roosters Junior Football Club participates in the Northern Football League and has its home ground on this reserve. There are teams in the U9, U10, U11 and U12 age groups. Games are played on a Sunday morning from April to August.

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  1. These open fields are great... wish we had more of them where I live!!

  2. Two grounds I spent time at during the last week were Greaves Reserve [Dandenong] and Fotheringham Reserve.

    Then there's Picketts' Reserve.


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