Monday, 16 May 2016


The gingko tree (Gingko biloba) in our backyard is turning gold as we progress ineluctably into Winter. I am very proud of this tree as I grew it from seed, which I collected from Melbourne University when I graduated. It has grown to a fine male Gingko tree. The background plant is black Aeonium, (tree houseleek), reflecting the blue of the sky on its very dark leaves.

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  1. Hello, the gingko tree is a pretty gold color. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  2. The gold and blue together are so stunning!

  3. Thank you much for including these beautiful ones for SEASONS! And you successfully grew a tree from seed- that's an accomplishment that definitely needs green thumbs (that I don't have)!

  4. Gorgeous photo -I have always loved Gingko trees!

  5. Gorgeous photo -I have always loved Gingko trees!

  6. Not familiar with the tree. It is nice that you have it to share some of your school memories.

  7. Hi Nick, You 'should' be proud of this tree. This is a great shot showing the gold and the deep blue reflection. All this from a tine seed. Kudos to you!

  8. Brilliant photo Nick. At first I thought that blue was a painting or something in the background. Wonderful colours!

  9. Great contrast of colour in this photo Nick.

  10. Startling design, isn't it.
    How does it differ from a female Ginko?

    1. Hi Hels. Ginkgos are dioecious (i.e. separate sexes, some trees being female and others being male). Male plants produce small pollen cones with sporophylls, each bearing two microsporangia spirally arranged around a central axis. Female plants do not produce cones. Two ovules are formed at the end of a stalk, and after pollination, one or both develop into seeds. The seed is 1.5–2 cm long. Its fleshy outer layer (the sarcotesta) is light yellow-brown, soft, and fruit-like. It is attractive in appearance, but contains butyric acid and smells like rancid butter or vomit when fallen. Beneath the sarcotesta is the hard sclerotesta (the "shell" of the seed) and a papery endotesta, with the nucellus surrounding the female gametophyte at the centre.

  11. What a pretty tree! Well as you lean into fall, we are experiencing the unfolding of spring. My lilacs are in bloom and the cherry tree already has lots of green cherries.

  12. I love Ginko trees. The yellow color in the fall is so pretty. Here they are nice & green right now.


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