Tuesday, 1 August 2017


I get worried lately as I see more and more building development eating into the heart and soul of our city. Our population is increasing quite steeply and as more and more people flood into Melbourne, apartment buildings and medium density units are being built as individual houses with their lovely front and back yards are being demolished and "developed". As the population density increases, the traffic and pollution are becoming greater and the already inadequate infrastructure is struggling to keep up with the increasing demands placed on it...

Melbourne is changing rapidly right before our very eyes. All in the name of progress, but underlying it all is big business and profiteering from an artificially created building boom as governments are relaxing the building and development laws. What would have been impossible to build 20 years ago, is now passed quickly through the regulation bodies and piles of concrete boxes are crowded together more and more.

The skyscrapers in the first photo were once only in the CBD. Now more and more high rise developments are mushrooming into existence in the suburbs. Melbourne used to be voted as the "World's Most Livable City", however, I fail to see how it can continue to vie for that title as more and more irrational building development is being allowed, and as our population soars, seriously undermining our standard of living.

Come and visit Melbourne before it is no longer a beautiful metropolis. Hurry!

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  1. I have heard a lot of things about the uniqueness of Melbourne. It is a bit sad to read your perspective of what is going on on the city. Seems like officials are not planning carefully. I do not like when places "progress" by coping models from other places without considering if those models fit the population. #WordlessWednesday

  2. What breaks my heart is the destruction of beautiful old houses down main boulevards like St Kilda Road, Dandenong Rd and North Rd. Inevitably they were replaced by bulky blocks of flats that make us look like any other city in the world :( The street-trees have been kept but each front garden has been concreted over :(

  3. Lovely photos.
    Appreciate you joining the party at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2017/07/pm-paddle-on-lake.html

  4. I dont know much about Melbourne but it is a shame when this happens. I've seen it in other places too.


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