Sunday 2 December 2012


Flagstaff Gardens are Melbourne's oldest gardens. They take their name from a flagstaff erected in 1840 at the settlement's highest point, in order to communicate between the harbour and town. This became known as "Flagstaff Hill". Before this, the area was used as a cemetery and was known as Burial Hill. The hill was at such a high point that people going to Flagstaff Hill enjoyed panoramic views of the bay. However, as city buildings rose up around the gardens, the views were blocked out.

This post is part of the Scenic Sunday meme,
and also part of the Weekly Topshot meme.


  1. Love the Magpie!

  2. A lovely place indeed and great captures as always, Nick!! And what a beautiful Magpie!! Have a good week!!

  3. Am sure, that one of those benches and me, would become good friends. What a wonderful place.

  4. Beautiful... what is the black and white bird? Looks a lot like our crows and ravens here, is it part of the Corvid family?? Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #59!


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