Sunday 30 June 2024


South Melbourne viewed from Southbank. The Victorian building with the clocktower is the South Melbourne Town Hall.

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Friday 28 June 2024


At sunrise! Funny to see that outside your window when you draw the drapes in the morning...

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Thursday 27 June 2024


Winter brings flowering cyclamen to our garden and home. Cyclamen is a genus of 23 species of perennial flowering plants in the family Primulaceae. Cyclamen species are native to Europe and the Mediterranean Basin east to Iran, with one species in Somalia. They grow from tubers and are valued for their flowers with upswept petals and variably patterned leaves. Many hybrids exist, and some varieties (especially the wild ones) are fragrant.

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Wednesday 26 June 2024


Darebin Creek fish ladder in the Darebin Parklands in Alphington. A fish ladder, also known as a fishway, fish pass, fish steps, or fish cannon, is a structure on or around artificial and natural barriers (such as dams, locks and waterfalls) to facilitate diadromous fishes' natural migration as well as movements of potamodromous species.

Most fish ladders enable fish to pass around the barriers by swimming and leaping up a series of relatively low steps (hence the term ladder) into the waters on the other side. The velocity of water falling over the steps has to be great enough to attract the fish to the ladder, but it cannot be so great that it washes fish back downstream or exhausts them to the point of inability to continue their journey upriver.

Carried out by Melbourne Water, the $350,000 project in Darebin Creek involved installing a series of carefully designed rock works placed downstream of the structure in Darebin Parklands. This ‘rock ramp fishway’ allows water to cascade through the structure forming eddies that act as a refuge for fish so they can move freely through the waterway.

The design targets fish species that migrate from saltwater to freshwater environments to complete their life cycle including Common Galaxias and Short Finned Eel. The fish ladder was constructed with imported locally sourced rock. The project was constructed on site where materials were matched to complement the natural waterway and the environment.

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Tuesday 25 June 2024


Burwood Rd in Hawthorn looking West towards the City. Always busy and with a good variety of historic buildings, interesting shops, galleries, Swinburne University of Technology campus and many cafés and restaurants.

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Sunday 23 June 2024


We visited the Camberwell Art Show last Saturday at the Swinburne University of Technology's Hawthorn Campus. It was a very well-organised, extensive showing of works by well-known, emerging and amateur artists. As always well-curated and displayed in a commodious and interesting setting. A most enjoyable outing once again this year!

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Friday 21 June 2024


A noisy miner (Manorina melanocephala), a bird in the honeyeater family, Meliphagidae, enjoying the sunrise in Melbourne.

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Thursday 20 June 2024


Camellia sasanqua 'Jennifer Susan', is a wonderful camellia with soft warm pink semi-double to peony flowers, with wavy petals. It is a vigorous evergreen grower, early flowering in autumn and winter. Makes a great hedge and guaranteed to brighten winter's grey days!

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Wednesday 19 June 2024


We had our first very cold night and frosty morning last night, with the temperature down to -1˚C in our garden. The pond surfaces froze and the first rays of the sun fell on the frosty leaves.

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Tuesday 18 June 2024


Winter Sunrise in the Darebin Parklands, with the thermometer showing 2˚C. Beautiful, though...

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Saturday 15 June 2024


A cold and foggy Winter morning today. However, always pleasant for a walk in the Darebin Parklands. The ducks seemed happy to there too!

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Friday 14 June 2024


Sunrise over the River Yarra, along the Sandridge Pedestrian Bridge with the Evan Walker Pedestrian Bridge in the distance to the right.

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Thursday 13 June 2024


The roses have well and truly said goodbye for this growing season and only the hips are now evidence of their passing. Waiting for their yearly pruning so as to ensure more blooms in Spring.

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Wednesday 12 June 2024


Winter is well and truly here with us in Melbourne and the Queen Victoria Gardens opposite the National Gallery of Victoria look a little bleak. Nevertheless, it is always pleasant to take a walk there.

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Tuesday 11 June 2024

Sunday 9 June 2024


At the Darebin Parklands on a brisk, but fine morning. A few surviving olive trees are a remnant of an old olive grove in the area.

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Saturday 8 June 2024


Cool dog trying to be warm in a Melbourne Winter, but is a hot dog in pink :-) I love dog owners who are considerate of their animals in cold weather and make sure they are kept warm!

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Thursday 6 June 2024


An early Winter bouquet from our garden with golden wattles, orange calendulas, pink bergenias, red alstroemerias and white daisies.

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Sunday 2 June 2024

Saturday 1 June 2024