Saturday, 30 March 2013


A rather quiet Easter Saturday in Melbourne tonight, with few people in the streets and relatively little traffic, as most Melburnians it seems have gone away for the long weekend. Just as well, for those of us left in the City, a nice twilight walk along the banks of the Yarra, with some lovely views to be had of the City from the East.

This post is part of the Weekend Reflections meme,
and also part of the Weekly TopShot meme.


  1. Lovely, I can feel the cool breezes off the river almost!

  2. Great reflections from a warmer part of the world ! :)
    Happy eastern!

  3. Nice spot. You chose a perfect moment in the day to take those pics, too : the twilight is awesome.

  4. Yes, I noticed a quieter Sydney yesterday too.

  5. Looks like a peaceful time.

  6. Great photos. Looks like we were thinking alike. We were in this area on Saturday night a bit later than these photos were taken. It was deliciously quiet.


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