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Bruno Grollo (b. 1942 in Melbourne, Australia) is an Australian businessman. Bruno headed Australia's largest construction company, Grocon, whose credits include the construction of the tallest buildings in Melbourne, Rialto Towers and Eureka Tower. In 1999 his sons Adam and Daniel were instated as joint managing directors of Grocon.

Today Grocon employs a fluctuating workforce of 300 to 1200. Grollo proposed building the tallest building in the world, the Grollo Tower, but construction never commenced. In 2006 he was listed in Forbes top 40 richest people in Australia and New Zealand.

The Grollo Family lives in Thornbury, a few blocks away from us. They have built themselves a wonderful house, which is the home of their extended family. I was particularly interested in the murals which adorn the façade of the house on Gillies St in Thornbury. Around the front door is a beautiful mural entitled "La Storia Dalle Radici ad Oggi" (The [Family] History from its Roots to Today"). It is by artist Paola de Manincor who painted it in 1996. Sadly she passed away in 2011, but many of her murals around the world still make many people happy.

The mural is rich in colour and incident, with an almost naive style. The Grollo Family history from its humble, peasant roots in Italy is told, through the migration to Australia, culminating with its construction industry success in Melbourne at the present time. An allegorical figure, a personification of "Abbondanza" (abundance, wealth, affluence) carrying a bowl of fruit completes the family's history.

Further along the façade is another mural, this one quite whimsical and relying on a a little trompe-l'oeil effect, continuing the pattern of the huge arched windows of the building, but looking out on an American Western scene, complete with John Wayne! This is the work of another artist, but I could not discern a signature.

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  1. Never knew John Wayne was an OZ, great series of murals

  2. Loved seeing John Wayne at the bottom! The murals are just fantastic though. All that yellow is gorgeous!

  3. A fascinating, distinctive house design where yellow becomes a theme in both architecture and artwork. Those murals are so beautifully incorporated into the architecture.

  4. Amazing murals and a great story.

  5. Wonderful photos of these remarkable murals. Good to see some art being incorporated in a residence in such a splendid way.

  6. Great murals and an amazing residence!

  7. Very interesting story. The compound actually looks modest compared to the ostentatious mansions built by many American millionaires. I like that they chose an Italian to do the murals and actually embraced their humble roots. The murals are charming and look like they should be illustrating a children's picture book. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.


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