Sunday 24 November 2013


The Spencer Street Bridge is a road and tram bridge over the Yarra River in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It connects Spencer Street on the north bank with Clarendon Street on the south.

During construction engineers knew deep foundations would be required to find bedrock, but at 20 metres below sea level they struck a red gum stump that took three weeks work to remove. It was dated at about 8,000 years old and appears to have lived for well over 400 years. The cantilever girder type, with steel girder suspended span bridge was completed in 1930, with an adjacent glass and steel covered footbridge built alongside in 1998, as part of the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The first photo looks to the South, towards the Convention and Exhibition Centre. The other two photos are taken from the fifth floor inside the centre (taken through plate glass!). The second photo looks towards the North and one can see the Spencer St Bridge in the centre. The last photo looks towards the West, with three more bridges in view: The Seafarers' Pedestrian Bridge, the Charles Grimes Bridge and the Bolte Bridge in the distance.

This post is part of the Sunday Bridges meme.


  1. «Louis» agrees with Randy - it is indeed a nice design.

    A day late, «Louis» thanks you for linking this with Sunday Bridges. :-)

  2. «Louis» neglected to acknowledge your "hat trick" - three bridges in one photo. Also, he intended to comment on the interesting history - especially finding that ancient gum tree stump. Very interesting, Nick!


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