Monday 25 November 2013


We are lucky enough to live in a suburb where within a short walking distance we have access to a good old fashioned shopping strip, Fairfield Village. On Station Street and surrounding Wingrove, Gillies and Duncan Streets, the Village offers a diverse range of restaurants, caf├ęs, fresh produce, clothing stores and business services.

A favourite has always been Cardamone's Gourmet Supermarket. Lately there has been a change in this Station St icon. Fifty-two years after Orlando Cardamone set up a little grocery business in Fairfield, the now-thriving Cardamone Gourmet Supermarket has changed hands. The founder's daughter, Marisa Pannunzio, recalls being left to guard the family cart at Footscray Market as a small child while her father bought fruit and vegetables.

Marisa's own children have grown up in the business. Daughter Belinda, 36, says the family has had a few sad moments since selling on September 1. ''I was saying to my sister, 'Do you realise our children will have no memory of this store and it's been such a huge part of our life?''' The family's catering business, Marisa's Kitchen, will continue to supply its popular sauces, dips and pasta dishes to Cardamone and 37 other stores around the state. New owner Hui Li says the supermarket will remain a family-run business.

The mural in the supermarket's fresh fruit and vegetable area was a welcoming sight. It is unfortunate with the change of hands some refrigerators have been installed right in front of it, almost completely obliterating it (see last photo). We really can't stand in the way of progress, but at least I am glad I was able to photograph the mural before it was hidden away...

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  1. What an inviting place! I love the mural on the wall. It seems like a friendly place to sit a bit and enjoy a meal.

  2. Such wonderful colour from a gorgeous range of fresh foods. And the mural is a delight. A grand idea in a fruit and veg.

  3. This mural conveys the business goals: homemade, fresh, and a bit of the old country. Pity it's been covered up. Not all progress is a good thing. (Mr. Linky wouldn't cooperate for me either so I was reduced to using the generic image to get the Linky to work. Sorry about that).

  4. Definitely looks like MY kind of place:) Great shots - especially the cafe and the interesting perspective. Thank you for sharing on MoM:)


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