Wednesday 4 January 2012


Como House is a grand colonial Victorian residence overlooking the Yarra River. Its building was begun in 1840, and the home underwent renovations up till 1959, when the last of the Armytage family (the last owners) sold the home and contents to the National Trust of Australia, for considerably less than its true value. The building has been faithfully restored by the National Trust and contains some of the Armytage family’s belongings, the last and longest owners. Genuine architectural features, fittings and objects of everyday life make this a good experience for the person wishing to immerse themselves in Melbourne's Victorian past.

It is unfortunate that photography is not allowed inside the house, for reasons not well stated or understood by the staff there. The extensive well-tended grounds are faithful to 19th-century landscaping principles and include a croquet lawn, vegetable garden, stately grand old trees and magnificent flower walks. Tours of the interior take around an hour. The first is at 10.30am, and then half-hourly until 3.30pm. One is not allowed to walk through the residence without a guide.

This post is part of the Watery Wednesday meme.


  1. A wonderful early Australian residence and so good to see that large shady verandas - if only they built homes like that now.. A great capture Nick - that's the angle I would have taken with the pretty fountain and surrounds in the foreground.

  2. What paradise for those able to live alike.

  3. A beautiful house with a lovely garden! Happy New Year!

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  4. That is quite a beautiful residence.

  5. What a gorgeous house! I love the fountain! A really superb capture for the day, Nix! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!


  6. They are a smidge precious, to my mind. However, the building is gorgeous going from your photograph.

  7. I think...I'm inlove...with that house......


  8. I can see myself taking tea on that balcony.

  9. It is a grand house and I would love to visit it.
    I don't understand the no camera rule, as long as people turn off flashes what is the problem!

  10. Don't you just hate when you can't take photos?
    :-( Sorry about Mr. Linky. It is updated now and I re-posted your link for you.

  11. just wondering what camera are you using...all your photos are truly professionally taken..

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  12. Thank you for your kind comments!
    Redruby,many thanks for the follow and your compliments. I am only an amateur photographer, but a rather finicky one. I use Sony Cameras. The Alpha55 and the DSCHX9V, which I am very pleased with.

  13. (Don't know how I missed seeing this post! Hmmm mysterious!)
    Still have not wandered over Como House way. Often any big events there do not draw me! I feel quite uneasy in big crowds - not to mention clear photos are difficult! And then no photos inside puts this low on my "must do" list!
    But this photo proves I could be missing an opportunity! Love this grand view of the property!

  14. Beautifully captured.!

    Watery Post Come see it when you get a chance. Thanks!

  15. That's a quite old residence! love the corner of the fountain!

  16. I do believe the no photos rule is because it deteriorates things over time, and as Como is pretty much a museum like place we don't want that to happen. But I do think it only applied to flash photography?


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