Saturday 28 January 2012


Melbourne has a reputation as a shopping Mecca and not only do many Australians from other states come here to shop, but we also have regular visitors from Southeast Asia and New Zealand who love to visit and shop till they drop. From the cutting edge to classic, boutique to big time, Melbourne’s vibrant retail scene is alive with alluring labels, products and shopping experiences – some home grown, some world-renowned. Add to that the quirky, the pre-loved and the unique designs - be they clothes, shoes, jewellery, crafts, art or any other items you may think of.

Here are some shots looking north along Elizabeth St in the CBD. To the left one may see the tower of the General Post Office and the high rise tower of Melbourne Central. Passers-by are enticed by the windows of many luxury stores that line this street across the road from Royal Arcade.

This post is part of the Weekend Reflections meme.


  1. Nice reflections. I like shopping most anywhere. :)

  2. Oh, yes! I like shopping most anywhere, too!! Love your reflections for the day, Nick! There's something very vital about the area and, of course, I love the sunshine and green trees! Lovely! Hope you have a great weekend!


  3. I see from the tennis you are having great weather, send some this way as it is another showery day!

  4. and everybody is dressed for summer and not like us wrapped in several lays of pullovers, cardigans and coats, lol ! I think I go shopping in Melbourne !

  5. Very good street photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  6. une petite histoire en 3 photos, bonne serie de photos de rue

    Merci d'avoir participer au challenge "Walk In The Street Photography"


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