Saturday 21 January 2012


Rippon Lea Estate is a historic property located in Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia. It is under the care of the National Trust of Australia. See my post on Rippon Lea Estate on my other Photoblog for more history and photos of both mansion and gardens.

An extensive pleasure garden was laid out around the mansion, together with glasshouses, vegetable gardens and orchards. The gardens were designed to be self-sufficient as regards water, and the large man-made lake on the property was designed to store stormwater run-off from the surrounding area. By the late 1870's Rippon Lea was a total of 45 acres (180,000 square metres) with the 'kitchen garden' alone taking up 2 acres (8,100 square metres).

This post is part of the Weekend Reflections meme.


  1. In the early '70s, Nick, I used to live in Elsternwick, just around the block or so from Ripponlea. Somehow I thought the ABC was involved with studios there. It looks a lot more beautiful now, than it did then, when it was fairly down-at-heel.

    I love the beauty and the freedom of the ducks. Lovely way to start my weekend.

    1. Yes, Julie, the ABC studios and transmitters are on a neighbouring block. Through the 60s and 70s there was a long and bitter court battle, which even went to the UK on appeal, between Julia Jones (the last owner) and the Government, as the Government wanted to acquire some land from Rippon Lea Gardens to expand the ABC operations. Fortunately, at long last (and after Julia's death) the land was not appropriated and the garden survived intact. The National Trust is doing wonders in terms of preservation of the estate and the gardens look magnificent (except for an extensive bloom of duckweed on the lake!).

  2. What a beautiful place and your shots are superb, Nick! Love the water and the beautiful duck family! Delightful! Enjoy your weekend!


  3. Another magical area I have not visited in Melbourne! I have been several times to Elsternwick on school excursions to the Holocaust Museum, but I was unaware of this lovely place! Another one on my agenda!

  4. It sounds that it was lucky to survive in tact. I have seen pictures of this place and would like to visit if I had a week in Melbourne.

  5. It looks lovely Nick! And a cute duck family!

  6. the blue splash in the water is a delight!!
    and I love the sweet ducks

  7. Love the reflection in the first shot especially. Enjoy the weekend.

  8. What a beautiful place, just to sit there and watch the ducks (and their reflection of course ;)!

  9. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful estate with some of its original ground still intact.

  10. Love the lively duck family in the picture!
    Have a happy Sunday, Nick.


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