Thursday 7 November 2013


Hymenosporum flavum is an Australian rainforest tree and is commonly called the native frangipani, because it produces creamy yellow, frangipani-like flowers with a strong, heady fragrance. It is not related to the exotic frangipani (Plumeria).

It is an evergreen tree growing to about 20m tall in cultivation, but larger in its natural habitat. The branches grow in distinct horizontal layers, and the leaves are dark green and glossy with a hairy underside. The strongly scented flowers are whitish cream ageing to deep yellow, followed by pear-shaped woody capsules containing winged seeds.

It grows well in most areas of Australia, and is even worth a try in coastal areas of Tasmania. The perfumed, creamy flowers are attractive to honey-eating birds and butterflies. In the evening, the fragrance from the flowers wafts in the air and can be appreciated through the whole garden.

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