Wednesday 6 November 2013


Altona Beach is a beach located in Altona, Victoria, Australia. It is a very quiet beach and safe one.  It has a pier to the West. It is best for swimmers to partake in aquatic activity on the eastern side of the pier, which is patrolled regularly by lifeguards in the summer.

The end of Altona Pier, is a common fishing spot for many local anglers who live around the area. The western side of the Pier is a great place for kite surfing and it is fairly common to see lots of these surfers in the water throughout the year. Body Boarding and Surfing are not recommended at Altona Beach as for most of the year, the water is fairly calm, and small waves will only appear whilst a strong southerly is blowing.

The past few days we have been experiencing some Summer weather in Melbourne so it is not surprising to see people flocking to the beaches.

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  1. Beautiful sany beaches and the sea a wonderful dark blue!
    Interesting sculptures, too.

  2. I'd love the shallow water, but the deep holes would scare the bejesus out of me! (I'm afraid of water!) Love the photo of the starfish!

  3. Gee that girl is very excited about that star fish. Not sure if I would have picked it up.

  4. i loved these photos...i can smell the salt in the air!

  5. Beautiful beach to visit.

  6. That is quite a modern looking pier sign. And a lovely beach!


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