Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Flinders Street is a notable street in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Running roughly parallel to the Yarra River, Flinders Street forms the southern edge of the Hoddle Grid. It is exactly one mile (1609.344 m) in length and one and half chains (30.1752 m) in width. It is named for the explorer Matthew Flinders, who was (erroneously) credited with discovering Port Phillip at the time of its naming. It extends eastwards as far as Spring Street and the Treasury Gardens, and westwards past Batman's Hill to the Melbourne Docklands. As the closest street to the river, Flinders Street serviced Melbourne's original river port. Customs House, now the site for Victoria's Immigration Museum, is situated on Flinders Street.

Flinders St is a busy transport hub, with trains, trams and buses running through it and across it. Market St is short street crossing Flinders St, but it is graced with some lovely old buildings.

This is a post on the Our World Tuesday meme.


  1. Looks like a great place to live!

  2. Love the rich colours in that last capture Nick - the warm golden glow contrasting with the cold blue sky reflected in adjacent windows.

  3. Lovely clear shots Nick. What camera do you use? For me the city begins at Flinders Street Station.

    1. I use a Sony Cybershot pocket camera for most of my photography, Joe. It's nice and compact and takes really good shots.

  4. A colorful part of your City indeed! I envy the public transportation!


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