Thursday 2 May 2013


Melbourne City’s laneways criss-cross the building blocks between the main streets and are narrow enclaves where mainstream culture gives way to one-off boutiques, unique galleries, tiny cafés and hidden bars. Desgraves St and its continuation into Centre Pl across from Flinders Lane are examples of Melbourne's premier laneways showcasing just what real Melbourne ambience is all about.

One of the best way to start an autumn or winter day is to have breakfast in one of the many eateries found in these distinctive Melbourne icons.

This post is part of the Signs, Signs Thursday meme.


  1. Great focus on Melbourne lane ways Nick. They really have become a favourite for locals and tourists not to mention photographers. Many of them have a great deal of character and grungy charm.

  2. Great choices indeed, Nick!! It's breakfast time in Seattle right now and I could surely enjoy one of these places -- right now! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Looks like a charming area for dining and shopping.

  4. Is 'chiuso' Italian? I like the ambiance of this lane (at least what comes through your photos!)
    And I'm intrigued by the show "The Good, The Bad and The Ethnic"!!


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