Tuesday 23 July 2013


Hardware Lane is a small lane in the Melbourne CBD, Australia. It runs roughly north-south between Bourke Street and Little Lonsdale Street. Restaurants and ski shops are located on the street, as well as hairdressers. The lane is closed to traffic between 11am-11pm and at night live jazz entertains visitors to bars and caf├ęs.

Named after Hardware House in the 1920s, Hardware Lane was built on land formerly occupied by Kirk's Horse Bazaar, a horse and livery trading centre built in 1840 by James Bowie Kirk. Dynon's Building at 63-73 Hardware Lane is a set of four warehouses designed by William Pitt, the designer of some of the finest gothic revival buildings in the city including Princess Theatre.

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  1. oh how la.la. Lady in red in the town of red. Are you an Australian?Or your just posting of interest ? If so I am looking forward of more blogs and pictures of Australia.

    I was watching a documentry on tv and Australia has many wonderful and interesting places of interest.

  2. Complete with prople in red!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. Love all the reds! Wonderful place to walk and have a meal in.

  4. Gee .. we cross paths a lot. I was here recently too.

  5. yes the reds do it for me too.

  6. My goodness! There's enough red in that lane to keep lovers of red occupied with their cameras for a week--or more!

    Ruby Reflections

  7. What a vibriant street. Thank you for sharing :)


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