Monday, 20 June 2016


Metro Trains Melbourne, known colloquially as simply 'Metro', is the franchise operator of the suburban railway network of Melbourne, Australia. Metro Trains Melbourne is a joint venture between the Hong Kong-based MTR Corporation (60%), John Holland Group (20%) and UGL Rail (20%).

Metro Trains Melbourne operates a fleet of 407 three-car train sets on 837 kilometres of track. There are sixteen regular service train lines and one special events train line. The train fleet travels over 30 million kilometres and provides more than 228 million customer boardings each year, over 14,000 services each week and carries over 415,000 passengers each weekday.

Metro Trains Melbourne is also responsible for 215 railway stations and employs a workforce of 3,500 rail professionals including train drivers, mechanical and electrical engineers, network operations specialists and customer service representatives. The actual railway tracks, infrastructure and rolling stock is owned by VicTrack on behalf of the State Government, and is leased to Public Transport Victoria which then sub-leases them to Metro Trains Melbourne.

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  1. We have a rail system between various towns. I have never ridden them, but those that have say it is a great way to travel.

  2. Love trains and these shots. Thank you for linking in with Through my Lens.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. Hello Nick, The train photos are terrific. The yellow and blue colors are my favorite combination of colors. I haven't traveled by train in a long time. Now days I hate traveling by air because of the problems with security. We take a lot of road trips in our car with our poodle.

    Thanks for joining Blue Monday and have a great week,

  4. Nice, bright trains. I like the colorful appearance of them.

  5. The blue and yellow design of the trains looks quite lovely. Happy colours on a dull day.


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