Friday, 10 June 2016


Well, we seem to be experiencing the effects of La Niña in Melbourne this year, and that means a wetter, cooler late Autumn/Early Winter. We've had good rainfall, but nothing like the terrible flooding and storms that have plagued the Northeastern coast of Australia. IN Sydney's Northern Beaches, more than 11,000 people have lodged insurance claims, with estimated losses above $38 million... The photo below seems rather sedate compared with those Northern storms and flooding!

This post is part of the Friday Greens meme.


  1. It seems there is much flooding this year, both far and wide. We have not received the excessive rain and flooding in our part of the U.S., but it seems Texas and other parts of our country have had more than their share of flooding and other things, such as tornados. I hope you will remain safe.

  2. lynn

    flooding is dangerous, totally agreed, but I haven't seen a flood with my own two eyes. What I have experienced were years and years of drought or bushfires. Horrible times, they were too :(

    And although I have never seen a tornado, I imagine that is yet another treacherous catastrophe that kills humans and animals in its path

    If we stopped or reduced Climate Change, wouldn't we all be a bit safer?

  3. Terrible! But pretty photos! I love a good ain when iIm snug at home!


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