Monday 8 May 2017


I always like to try out new apps and I recently found a nifty little one for my Mac called "Puzzles Forever". With this app you can import your own photo (see my photo above) and then the app will create a jigsaw puzzle for you, which you then can solve on screen (see screen shot below). The free version generates a puzzle that is half-solved, while the paid version allows you to play from scratch.

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  1. What fun! I'll have to try the puzzle..... Happy Monday!

  2. Love this view of Melbourne! Great app, but dangerous for me - I love puzzles and can't stop, especially when I have one for over a 1000 pieces:) Thank you for sharing this interesting view and way to present for All Seasons!
    Also, thank you for all your comments from your different blogs. Let me know if you come in California this year, would be great to meet another world traveler, if possible:)

  3. Now that is very clever!

  4. Love it! You chose a great photo for the puzzle.


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