Thursday 17 August 2017


Prunus triloba var. multiplex: Prunus triloba var. multiplex (known as Flowering Plum; Flowering Almond; Double Flowering Plum) of the Rosaceae family is one of the showiest of all garden shrubs when in bloom, this tall spreading shrub becomes a uniformly frothy cloud of double pink flowers in early spring; bears no fruit, makes a wonderful specimen or garden shrub, needs full sun and well-drained soil 

Reaching a height of 4 metres with an equal spread, Flowering Plum has beautiful, double pink flowers which appear in spring. It provides a wonderful accent in a residential yard or courtyard when in flower. Be sure to locate it in a groundcover or mulched bed, as mechanical injury or stress of any kind hasten the demise of this short-lived tree. It is also very suitable in a shrub border as a tall accent. It can be sculptured nicely into a unique form with proper pruning and training and is well suited for container gardening. Regular pruning is needed for best flowering performance. Branches cut in early spring can be forced into bloom indoors.

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