Wednesday, 24 April 2019

P for POND

The topography of the Darebin Parklands is highly interesting due to the varying geology of the area. Although the formations within the Parklands are regionally common, they are internationally rare. The environmental conservation significance of the Parklands is one of the most important values of the landscape. The Darebin Parklands plays an important role as part of the Darebin Creek and Yarra River’s linear habitat corridor. The Darebin Creek and several ponds within the Parklands provide ample watery habitats for fish, amphibians and reptiles that depend on water fro their survival.

The Parklands’ indigenous vegetation supports native wildlife such as echidna, possums, lizards and other reptiles. In late 2007, several kangaroos sought refuge within the Parklands bushland environment. There are over 50 species of birds living in the Parklands. Many of these are resident species and use the Parklands for breeding whilst others are migratory birds. As urban development to Melbourne’s northern suburbs continues, there is evidence that displaced animals find refuge within the Parklands.

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  1. LOvely places, Always full of suprises if one stays a couple of minutes watching

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  3. I have seen possums here but never a kangaroo.... LOL.....


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