Wednesday 22 May 2019

T for TURF

Darebin Parklands contains open space that provides for a range of informal recreation experiences / uses (i.e. playgrounds, open space areas for informal play, walking, picnic and bbq facilities, relaxation). It also includes the open space around the perimeter of sporting fields. These are designated informal park areas.

There is also a formal park component that is conserved, maintaining the value of significant plantings (often exotic), structures (often historic), and landscape features. Often formally designed and of a high standard usually with mown and irrigated lawns or turf, paving, sculpture, shrub or flower beds. These areas are often subject to intensive use and may host special events. An ornamental open space area will primarily be managed to protect the normally fragile plantings and, as a result, some recreation activities may be restricted. Parks that preserve environmental components that have aesthetic, historic, scientific, cultural or social significance for the present community and for future generations.

Of increasing importance are the areas of conservation bushland with significant native flora and fauna. It is here that much work is being carried out to protect these species and remove infestations of exotic weeds and feral introduced animals.

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