Thursday 2 June 2022


Zephyranthes is a genus of temperate and tropical plants in the Amaryllidaceae family, native to the Western Hemisphere and widely cultivated as ornamentals. There are over 70 recognised species as well as numerous hybrids and cultivars. Common names for species in this genus include fairy lily, rainflower, zephyr lily, magic lily, Atamasco lily, and rain lily.

The name is derived from Ζέφυρος (Zephyrus), the Greek god of the gentle west wind,  referring to the slender stalks, and ἄνθος (anthos), meaning flower.  Flower colour in the species ranges from white to yellow (various tints of this colour from lemon to sulphur) and pink.

Zephyranthes have erect flower stalks which support a flower that may be upward facing or slightly nodding. The funnel-shaped, flowers with six petals can be crocus shaped, but may also open flat such as in Z. jonesii or even reflex slightly. Pictured here is the white Zephyranthes candida.

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