Sunday 25 December 2022


A glorious day for Christmas this year and many people took advantage of the good weather and flocked to the beaches and swimming pools. Relatively quiet at the Fairfield Boathouse, but it was early and only a few people around. Christmas brunch on the riverside is so civilised!

This post is part of the My Sunday Best meme


  1. ah yes, this is a really peaceful place to have a picnic. Thanks for your note on last week's photo. I can't imagine that so far away from here we listen to French hits from the sixties. Fran├žoise Hardy is really great and Christophe too... but my favourite from that era is Jacques Dutronc, for his irony and dry humour. I wish you a beautiful and sunny end of the year

  2. I'd have a picnic there, looks good to even stop there for a coffee.

  3. I cannot believe that area is not choc-a-blocked by people. Serenity in the sitting area!


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