Thursday 22 June 2023


Polyanthus are a type of primula (Primula x polyantha), which produce incredibly bright cheerful flowers from July through to October.  Technically a perennial they are grown as annuals across Australia except in the colder regions. Either way with their crinkled leaves and bold flowers they are unbeatable at brightening up a lacklustre winter garden.

Polyanthus are usually purchased as seedlings or potted colour anytime from autumn through to winter. If you are a keen gardener you can sow seed but this is trickier because the seed is very small and germination can be a bit hit and miss.

Polyanthus are happiest growing in conditions which get bright shade or gentle sunlight so they don’t heat up. They also like moist soil which is rich and fertile. Whilst they can tolerate less than ideal conditions if you really spoil them then you’ll get a better showing.

This post is part of the Floral Friday Fotos meme.

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  1. This is incredibly beautiful with the colour variety


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