Sunday 3 December 2023


We had occasion to go to Northland yesterday and as is the case with most of these large shopping centres, we tend to avoid them as much as possible. It was a surprise (although unwarranted!) to see the Christmas decorations up and the holiday activities in full swing.

For a weekend, it was not as busy as expected and I got the impression that this year, Christmas will not be a happy time for many families. I know that many people are struggling with the cost of living going up, inflation and rising interest rates taking their toll and the future being uncertain for everyone.

Please be wise in your gift giving this year and try to do something for someone in real need.

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  1. At the door of our local supermarket, customers can leave any food products for struggling families, as long as the packets haven't been opened. So far there have been heaps of quality packages. Thankfully.


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