Monday, 5 September 2016


Wattles, also called acacias, are amazing native plants. More than 850 species of wattle grow in Australia, ranging from ground covers and charming shrubs to giant trees that provide fine timber and screening. With this number of species and many cultivars there is a wattle for just about any garden in Australia.

Most wattles are quick growing, short-lived plants that will usually last for about seven to 12 years. Some species, however, are longer lived. If planted in a thicket, they will self-sow, which will mean that short lived plants are quickly replaced. Wattles are tolerant of a broad range of conditions.

While there are wattle species which flower throughout the year, the winter-flowering species are particularly attractive in the landscape, where their bright yellow or cream flowers bring colour to the garden at a time when many of the more traditionally grown plants are bare or not flowering. Currently, in the Melbourne early Spring, the gold of the wattle flowering is beautiful in the green, wet landscape.

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  1. I am so glad wattles are our national flower. That gold may not be unique in the world of flowers, but it is stunning. En masse.

  2. Have never seen the white ones! It looks like they're also growing in the wild? Beautiful spring-like landscapes - nice to see, since we are going into Fall! Thanks you so much for including them in SEASONS, so non-Australians can get to know this beautiful flower. Have a great week!

  3. Yay, more wattles. These flowers are definitely pretty and especially the white ones. I especially loved the last photo with the stream and lovely yellow flowers. I can never resist a scene that has a pond, stream or river with fall colored leaves, flowers of any kind or just plain green shrubs.
    Thank you for always joining my Blue Monday party Nick.


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