Wednesday, 22 August 2012


The Goulburn River is a major inland river in Victoria, Australia. The headwaters of the Goulburn River rise in the western end of the Victoria Alps, near Mount Buller making it the longest river in Victoria at 654km. The Eildon Dam creates Lake Eildon, a major storage of water for irrigation. From Lake Eildon, most of the irrigation water goes to Goulburn Weir and Waranga Basin.

North of Eildon the Goulburn River enters the northern plains of Victoria and eventually flows into the Murray River near Echuca. This area is a very productive irrigated agricultural area. The Goulburn River was named after Henry Goulburn (19 March 1784 – 12 January 1856;   an English Conservative statesman and a member of the Peelite faction after 1846).

Tributaries of the river include the Broken, Rubicon, Delatite, Howqua, Jamieson and Yea Rivers. Much of the flow is extracted, and the river is very heavily regulated, which has strongly affected the river's ecosystem. With recent years being some of the driest on record in the basin, there has been even further stress on the river's ecosystem. The river passes through some Victorian country towns like Seymour, Nagambie and Shepparton.

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  1. What a lovely, peaceful place! I love the blue skies and reflections on the water! Wonderful captures as always, Nick, and such a delightful way to wind down my day! Thanks!

  2. Besutiful. Love the first two pictures. It is very nice place

  3. This river reminds me of the canned fruit I often buy from Coles. :) You really taught me the history of the region through your commentaries and photos here.

  4. I love the yellow leaves in the first shot.

  5. This is a beautiful part of the world. I the expanse of green and the long shadows in the first shot.


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  7. Hello Aishwariya, thanks for your kind comment. Right at the bottom of the comments box there is a link "Subscribe by email", which will allow you to do that by clicking on it.

  8. Wow your photos are beautiful! Love the water reflection! ^_^

    Water World Wednesday

  9. Beautiful shots!
    I especially like the second one.
    What a beautiful place.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. all the photos were great.....the most intriguing is the 2nd - she appears to be standing below water level, behind a plexiglass wall!

  11. You captured a bit of everything: water, trees, reflections, skies, and color. Such a nice series of photos. YOu have to look at the second one to decide if it is real. She could almost be a reflection. genie


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