Sunday 26 August 2012


Mount Dandenong is both a mountain and small township/suburb of Greater Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 35 km east from Melbourne's central business district. At the 2006 Census, Mount Dandenong had a population of 1,276.The mountain, upon which the suburb is located is 633 metres tall. The mountain lends its name to the entire range of which it is a part, the Dandenong Ranges. Light to moderate snowfalls occur on Mount Dandenong a few times most years, mostly frequently between late winter and late spring. The area around Mount Dandenong experienced a highly unusual summer snow fall on Christmas Day 2006.

Originally the town was to be named Mount Corhanwarrabul, but due to the problems that were foreseen with the spelling and pronunciation of this name, the Surveyor-General's office opted to name it Mount Dandenong. However, today there is still a Mount Corhanwarrabul, which is on the site of Burkes Lookout. The town of Mount Dandenong was settled in 1893, along with a neighbouring town, Olinda. It was around this time that the Government established 10-acre farms that would be used to harvest timber. By around 1900 the town had its own general store and primary school. The Post Office, opened in 1902, was closed and replaced by one at Kalorama in 1991. In 1922 the first motorcars were seen in operation in Mount Dandenong.

Around 2002 it was proposed that the word "Melbourne" be erected in large letters at the peak of the mountain in the style of the Hollywood sign, visible from the city centre. However this was met with outrage from local residents and was not pursued!

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  1. What a gorgeous view! So glad they didn't erect that sign - it would have been so out of place in this setting!

  2. Wonderful place 4 Sunday relaxation...
    have a great Sunday!
    xoxo, Juliana

  3. I, too, am glad they didn't erect that sign! It would have been a shame to mar the beauty of this place! Such terrific captures of a gorgeous place, Nick! Thanks for sharing the beauty and the history! Hope you've had a great weekend!

  4. Glad for no big sign on that beautiful hillside! I have to laugh at not naming the city an unpronounceable name, just because I've learned so many wonderful but unpronounceable names since I've been following Australian blogs! (I love them all....and there are certainly a share of difficult names in our western states and in Florida too.)

    Beautiful area you show today -- the pictures just glow!


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