Monday, 26 November 2012


"The Games Children Play" is a tapestry by Robert Ingpen commissioned by the Royal ChildRoyal Children's Hospital Foundation as a tribute to Dame Elisabeth Murdoch's 75 year relationship with the hospital. There is a well established understanding of the importance between art and hospital environments, and the tapestry is a playful way to provide those using the Children's Hospital facilities with a colourful and amusing distraction while they may be at the hospital for more serious concerns.

Established in 1989 the Royal Children's Hospital Foundation works tirelessly to raise funds for a number of different projects such as state-of-the-art medical equipment, ongoing paediatric research programs and scholarships for medical and allied health professional staff at the Royal Children's Hospital.

Born in 1936, Robert Ingpen's diverse career has encompassed book illustration, stamp design, public mural commissions and sculptural design as well an active fine art practice.
Ingpen has illustrated and/or written over 100 published books, both fiction and non-fiction including illustrating the iconic Storm Boy written by Colin Thiele, published in 1975, and illustrating a 1982 edition of Clancy of the Overflow, by Banjo Patterson. Ingpen has a long standing relationship with the ATW. He was the designing artist for the Melbourne Cricket Ground tapestry, launched in 2004. Robert also designed the monumental bronze MCG doors.

The inspiration for this tapestry design comes from a painting titled Games Children Play by Pieter Brueghel the Elder, painted in 1590. Robert Ingpen, using the format and flat picture plane of this work as a starting point, has re-set and re-cast this work in the twenty first century.

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  1. Great photos, perfect for the theme!

  2. That is amazing and so beautiful, Nick, and your captures are fantastic, love the detail!! Hope you've had a great weekend and that you're ready for a new week!

  3. Like the details much. Wonderful when various cultures can live in peace with each other. Yes, children might be even more able to do that. Various schools over here had graffiti in favour of the Xrisi Agvi, demanding foreign pupils to leave.

    Please have a good new week ahead.

  4. What a great job he did transforming the image. And then making it into a tapestry! I haven't seen this before...thank you for showing me. And thank you for taking part in Mandarin Orange Monday:)

  5. That is amazing. Something like that must take a lot of patience.

  6. These are wonderfully vibrant in not only colour but intensity and movement. Very suitable for the Royal Children's Hospital. The creator is very talented indeed.

  7. Hi Nick,
    What a beautiful tapestry rich in colors!

  8. This would be fun to 'have' to see when in the hospital. Imagine the challenge to find everything on the mural!

  9. So much to see, really amazing.

  10. I jumped in and looked at the photos before reading your commentary. When I got to the closeups I almost fell out of my chair. So that's why the pictures looked a little pixilated. Duh. So detailed and charming. Surely it must captivate the children's attention. Thanks for participating in Monday Mural.

  11. I am awe struck. I can't imagine the time it took to execute that piece. The artist has an amazing background as well. Just beautiful


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