Sunday 2 June 2013


If you saw my post last Sunday on Darebin Creek, you'll be able to compare today's photos, which were taken today. They show the effect of the very heavy rain we had in Melbourne over Friday night.

The city has had its wettest June day on record with more than 48 millimetres to 9:00am on Saturday morning, while forecasters recorded more than 100 millimetres at Epping, Bundoora and Somerton. The Weather Bureau reported Merri Creek in Coburg and Northcote peaked at 3.5 metres, while the Lower Yarra River at Heidelberg and Abbotsford hit around 5 metres.

This post is part of the Sunday Bridges meme.


  1. Interesting contrast, Nick!

    «Louis» thanks you for contributing this to Sunday Bridges. ;-)

  2. Huge contrast to your previous images Nick. We sure did have a deluge.

  3. Oh Nick beautiful takes not enough words can explain what I am looking at.



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