Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Port Melbourne is a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, 5 km south-west from Melbourne's Central Business District. It is split between the local government areas of Melbourne and Port Phillip. The area to the north of the West Gate Freeway is in the City of Melbourne. The area to the south is in the City of Port Phillip. At the 2011 Census, Port Melbourne had a population of 14,521.

The suburb is bordered by the shores of Hobsons Bay and the lower reaches of the Yarra River. Port Melbourne covers a large area, which includes the distinct localities of Fishermans Bend, Garden City and Beacon Cove. Historically it was known as Sandridge and developed as the City's second port, linked to the nearby Melbourne CBD.

The formerly industrial Port Melbourne has been subject to intense urban renewal over the past decade. As a result, Port Melbourne is a diverse and historic area, featuring industrial and port areas along the Yarra, to open parklands, bayside beaches, exclusive apartments and Bay Street's restaurants and cafes. The suburb also forms a major transport link from east to west, home to one end of the West Gate Bridge.

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  1. Boats always remind me of journeys....

    PhenoMenon,ABC Team

  2. Lovely view of a boat that I have been on a couple of times and my son travelled on it last Monday. The Port ar5ea is a lovely water world.

  3. I could not live anywhere but by the sea! Tried it for 3 years (central Canada) and the air was dead to me.

    abcw team

  4. I can almost smell the sea looking at your photographs. Lovely.
    JM Illinois

  5. Another favourite haunt of mine Nick.

  6. The weather looks wonderful.Perfect place to be chilling and enjoying the seaside view!


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