Sunday 23 February 2014


St Mary's Catholic church on High Street, Thornbury is a fine red brick church dating back to the 1920s. The associated school adjacent to the church first opened in January 1920 in one of the old wooden buildings, which was transported from St Joseph’s, Northcote. As the population increased, the school expanded. In February 1925 Archbishop Mannix laid the foundation of a new brick school building, which was later blessed and officially opened by Bishop McCarthy of Sandhurst.

As part of the Commonwealth centenary celebrations, a fountain was constructed outside the church. It has a fine mosaic of native water flora and fauna.

This post is part of the inSPIREd Sunday meme.


  1. i have never seen official "red" brick. i love it!! so pretty. love the fish mosaic. so cool!! ( :

  2. Beautiful photos! Have a nice day!

  3. Beautiful church and I love the mosaic - very unusual!

  4. Now that is a beautiful mosaic on the pathway Nick.

  5. Indeed, a fine red brick building!
    «Louis» expects that the interior is quite nice as well.
    He posted a Roman Catholic Church in Napa, California that reminds him of a space satellite more than a church...

  6. ...but its design is a product of the time in which the church was built just as is the case with the church you posted.


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