Sunday, 2 November 2014


Prominently located in Southbank on the Yarra River is the Crown Casino. It has earned itself a reputation as their slogan suggests, for being “A World of Entertainment”. Crown Casino has more then a dozen bars and clubs, numerous dining and shopping options, free entertainment and much more all within the opulent surrounds of the Crown complex. There is something to cater for everyone including some gambling, clubs, pubs and bars for the adults, and games, cinemas and shopping for all ages.

At night, on the boulevard, Crown Casino erupts into a riverside show of fireballs. These never fail to impress and wow visitors. When the weather is cooler the flames warm bystanders, people reporting they can even feel the heat from the other side of the river. The fireballs are the biggest in the world and explode in a show each hour between times that are subject to the season and weather conditions.

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  1. Very impressive.

    I think it is not the coolest (^^) way to spend fossil energy in a time where all prices are rising because of the end of petrol starting, though. I think is a terrible waste.

    But it is only a political opinion of mine ; still it is very impressive : the installation makes the best pics, obviously.

  2. My goodness! At first I thought there was a tragic fire, but now see that is not the case at all. Yes, very impressive.

  3. The flames have become quite a Melbourne icon. Spectacular Nick.

  4. quite interesting, beautiful images

  5. Wow, what a phantastic spektakel !


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