Friday 6 March 2015


In every Melbourne suburb there are a number of public playing and sporting facilities, grounds and fields devoted to a large number of different sports and recreational activities (the little green rectangles on the map of my suburb). The football and cricket playing field are by far the commonest. Here is one in Ivanhoe, the Seddon Reserve. Together with parks and parklands, these provide a way for Melburnians to keep fit and enjoy the delights of running on a lawn covered open area...

This post is part of the Skywatch Friday meme,
and also part of the Friday Greens meme.


  1. A very interesting and nice landscape with alot of green !
    I come visiting you from " Friday´s Green "
    Greetings from germnay

  2. There are heavy clouds above the green field. Do you know Novalis: Who can hear butterflies laughing, who knows like taste the clouds ....
    Cheers, Heidrun

    1. Hello Heidrun, yes I know Novalis. Here is a post of mine on him:

  3. What a wonderful wide landscape,
    great panorama pictures!
    Have a nice weekend,

    Thanks if you visit my blog


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