Monday, 30 March 2015


David “MEGGS” Hooke is one of Australia’s most progressive and committed street and fine artists. MEGGS is recognised for his unique, expressive, and energetic style with references to pop-culture, the natural world, and socio-cultural issues. His technical use of colour and movement combines clean, bold, illustrative elements with intuitive, textural, and free flowing design. By constantly searching for the harmony between form, abstraction, order, and chaos, MEGGS pours his all-or-nothing personality into every inch of his work. His life manifesto is that the ‘journey is the reward’ and his work reflects his eternal search for balance. MEGGS’ emphasis on constant growth and passion for travel is demonstrated by his continual exploration of artistic techniques and mediums.

MEGGS was born and raised in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia and completed his Bachelor of Design degree at Swinburne University School of Design in 2000. He is a founding member of the Everfresh crew, a unique collective of street art pioneers who opened the world renowned Everfresh Studio in 2004. MEGGS’ adoration of comic book art, sci-fi fantasy, skateboarding, graffiti culture, heavy metal, and punk rock music are at the core what inspired him to pursue his career in fine art. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

This 2014 mural is in Brunswick St, Fitzroy, in one of inner Melbourne's 'Bohemian' neighbourhoods, well suiting MEGGS' style. The magpie in flight with a full blown rose in its beak is a vigorous image that jumps up and out of the wall it is painted on. Birds and roses feature frequently in MEGGS' work and this striking mural is one of my faves.

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  1. Wow! That is impressive stuff.

  2. Love your expression describing Meggs' artwork. Wonderful to read. And the art itself is certainly impressive and appealing. Refreshing concepts and colour mixes.

  3. Such a striking mural Nick.


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