Monday 18 May 2015


As Autumn progresses, we expect more of these rainy days. The rain radar is predicting some rain tonight and tomorrow...

This post is part of the Monday Mellow Yellows meme,
and also part of the Nature Footsteps Inspiring Photography meme.


  1. I have to switch gears when you say Fall ... we are scrambling over here to get into Spring and there you are in the Fall. This is a wonderful capture of the light. Even though it isn't obvious where the light is coming from it makes a striking image. And yes, rain, we are getting a lot of it now as well ... and I love the smell of rain in the air, so I really don't mind it. Beautiful pictures, Nick.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. Love the first photo!
    We've had several days of rain, too. Here in the US we are headed into Summer - probably hot and dry - so we welcome the rain now.

  3. Beautiful images! Love the leaf photo!

  4. we had sop much rain that we were flooded.

  5. Because I've been reading quite a few blogs by Australians, I'm paying attention, for once, to the fact, that our seasons in the Northern Hemisphere are opposite from yours. I wonder if that's how it might feel if I were to enter another dimension or time warp. :-)
    Take 25 to Hollister

  6. We have spring but it looks the same wet up here. :(


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