Monday 11 May 2015


Northland Shopping Centre is a major shopping centre in East Preston, approximately 11 km north of the Melbourne Central Business District in Victoria. It is the largest predominantly single-level shopping centre in Melbourne. It has more than 330 stores all spread on one floor but the cinemas, Timezone arcade and Pancake Parlour is on the top level.

Opening in 1966, Northland Shopping Centre was one of the first self-contained shopping centres in Melbourne. The shopping centre was built and owned by the Myer Emporium. The original shopping centre consisted of 3 malls radiating north, east and west from a centre stage area. It housed 73 tenants and 6 professional suites. Some of the original retailers included Myer, Coles New World Supermarket, Buckley and Nunn Department Store, McEwans, Woolworths Variety Store and Coles Variety Store. A feature of the shopping centre was the Northland Market located at the south-west end of the shopping centre. In July 1983, the Myer Emporium sold the shopping centre to the Gandel Group of Companies. It is currently owned 50-50 by GPT and Novion Property Group.

The little mural shown here is on the South entry and today was the first time I noticed it, meaning it must be fairly recent. The theme suits the bike rack in front of it...

This post is part of the Monday Murals meme.


  1. At least I think there are ample parking compared to those in the city. 300+ stores is a big number.

  2. Funny mural. Looks like a dutch girl with an amsterdam lamppost.


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