Thursday 20 August 2015


Acacia longifolia is a species of Acacia native to southeastern Australia, from the extreme southeast of Queensland, eastern New South Wales, eastern and southern Victoria, and southeastern South Australia. Common names for it include Long-leaved wattle, Acacia Trinervis, Aroma Doble, Golden Wattle, Coast Wattle, Sallow Wattle and Sydney Golden Wattle. It is not listed as being a threatened species, and is considered invasive in Portugal and South Africa. It is a tree that grows very quickly reaching 7–10 m in five to six years.

This tree is widely cultivated in subtropical regions of the world. Its uses include prevention of soil erosion, food (flowers, seeds and seed pods), yellow dye (from the flowers), green dye (pods) and wood. The flower colour derives from the organic compound kaempferol. The tree's bark has limited use in tanning, primarily for sheepskin. It is useful for securing uninhabited sand in coastal areas, primarily where there are not too many hard frosts.

It is a highly attractive small tree or large rounded shrub. There is a striking flower display in late winter when nearly the entire plant is covered in flowers. It tolerates a range of soils provided they are not overly alkaline. Grows best in full sun, may get a bit thin and stretched in shaded conditions. Frost tolerant. Borers may be an issue in older trees. Other useful applications include erosion control and windbreaks, it is a low maintenance plant. This species is a nitrogen fixer. Heavy flowering provides resources for a wide range of invertebrates, particularly bees. Seed pods and seeds are eaten by parrots. Older plants attract wood boring insects.

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  1. wow, that´s a beautiful bush. Love the shape of it and the gorgeous flowers. :)

  2. Haven't seen this before. It's lovely.


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